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21 sexual communications with kids, Brixton’s Michael Murray caught in undercover sting

Michael Murray

Michael Murray of Brixton, 69, who also uses the alias Phil Murray, pled guilty to 21 counts of sexual communication with a minor. He will be sentenced on November 17, 2023. Evidence was secured by various online safeguarding groups, such as Angels of Innocence, DOPE, and The Ghosts in collaboration with Essex Police.

Sex offender Michael Murray started highly sexualised conversations with 21 profiles on social media, where most were as young as 12 years of age. He began demanding naked pictures, and when they wouldn’t comply angrily claimed he was “fed up of this shit”.

“The sexual predator asked them to masturbate for him, while making explicit remarks such as “you look really sexy at 12”, “I wish I could touch your boobs”, “do you have a silky bra on”, and “do you have silky pants on”.

Murray went on to send indecent images of children to the underage girls, and these indecent image featured children naked. He claimed he got the criminal images from a friend who also talks sexually to children. These images were promptly shared with Essex Police.

Michael Murray also known as Phil Murray
Michael aka Phil Murray (Image: OC)

When he was detained by the safeguarding groups pending the attendance of Essex Police, he was pressed on the identity of the ‘friend’ but swiftly claimed he in fact did not send any such image, and that this “friend” does not exist, despite the team having evidence of said image.

He also went to say he talks to children then deletes the chat log because he knows it’s wrong. It is believed there could be much more than 21 possible charges.

Sexual communication with a child carries a maximum sentence of 2 years imprisonment, and 21 charges would theoretically carry a maximum sentence of 42 years, but it is likely to be much lower. Murray is now a sex offender and will be placed on the sex offenders’ register, and due to the prolific nature of his offending will likely be handed a Sexual Harm Prevention Order.

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