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Ali, 34, ‘bit woman’s hand and threatened to rape her’ in Ilford shop, and he’s done it before

Hassan Ali

Hassan Ali, 34, of East Ham, was found guilty of two counts of assault and harassment on 10th June 2022 at Snaresbrook Crown Court. Yesterday (28th June) he was sentenced to eight months imprisonment, suspended for two years.

Hassan Ali followed a woman into her place of employment in Ilford when she refused to answer his calls. Ali then attacked her, punching her in the face, scratching her arms, biting her hands, and taking her phone away from her.

The woman called for her husband and this made Ali attempt to escape, but he would then return claiming to be armed with a bladed weapon. She was able to persuade Ali to return her phone and there was evidence he attempted to go through it.

Only five days later, Ali followed her home, grabbed her by the arm and thrust her around. He said: “if you do not come I will come and rape you in your own address”. He would then grab her hair and slap her face.

The court heard that Ali threatened to commit suicide if the woman did not marry him. He sent a photo of a knife with a cut on his wrist. “She said she was scared and did not know what he was capable of, and feared going to the shops,” The prosecution said. “He had threatened to kill himself if she did not marry him.”

Ali has a conviction for malicious communication
Ali has behaved in a similar manner with other women (Image: Cyber Safe Warwickshire)

The court that Ali has a criminal record consisting of malicious communication stemming from 2018, after he claimed he would murder the sister of another woman who moved from the United Kingdom to India. “You sent [her] explicit images of [her sister] and threatened to post them on social media. You threatened to kill her,” Judge Peer said.

“I saw [her] give evidence and I recall how upsetting she found it, and how humiliating it was for her to discuss these matters in a public forum,” Judge Peer said.

“It’s clear to me you have a history of bullying women,” Judge Peer told Ali.

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“And that bullying escalated to assaulting them and making threats to them when they do not do what you want. That is unacceptable.”

Ali will serve an eight month sentence, suspended for two years, and complete 200 hours of unpaid work. He also has a five year restraining order preventing him from making contact with the victim or visiting places she could be.

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