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Ansah ‘recorded herself pouring boiling water on girl she suspected of sleeping with her boyfriend’

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Princess Owusu Ansah

Princess Owusu Ansah, 18, has been sentenced to three years in prison for pouring boiling water over her friend and stabbing her in the leg in retaliation for rumors concerning her boyfriend. The crime was recorded on Owusu Ansah’s mobile phone.

Princess Owusu Ansah
Princess Owusu Ansah, pictured //METPRESS

A terrifying video clip began circulating on Snapchat, depicting the victim huddled under a blanket. She then emits a cry of agony as Owusu Ansah empties a pot of boiling water over her.

On the 2nd of February, the assault took place at the victim’s residence on Dog Kennel Estate in Dulwich. After managing to escape, the victim ran into the street and was brought to Kings College Hospital to receive treatment for minor stab injuries.

Owusu Ansah laughing
Owusu Ansah laughing in the video of the attack //CENTRALNEWS

A member of the public contacted the Metropolitan Police after they watched the video on Snapchat. Owusu-Ansah, of Royston, pled guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and criminal damage when she appeared at Inner London Crown Court in March.

In an emotional victim statement statement, the girl said: “On 2 February I was ambushed in my own home, somewhere that is meant to be a safe place.

Owusu Ansah knife attack snapchat
Owusu Ansah holding a knife //CENTRALNEWS

“It is hard to put into words the traumatic impact this has had on me. It is the last thing I expected from someone I had classed as a friend for many years. The girl also told how she now feels anxious around her friends and struggles to make new pals.”

“Before the incident I was a very confident and outspoken person. I have terrifying flashbacks and nightmares almost every night. That she vigorously attacked my deceased mother made me lost for words.”

Owusu Ansah's victim
The victim pleading for her attacker to stop //CENTRALPRESS

Judge Vanessa Baraitser ordered Owusu-Ansah to spend her three year sentence in a young offenders’ institute.

She said: “This clearly had an impact on her life, including on her social life and on her confidence. It was made significantly worse by the fact that you put the footage on a social media site so that the friends and family would be able to view it.”

“I understand that you accepted that she would have been absolutely terrified by what you did.”

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