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False Allegations Database, a movement against malicious sexual assault allegations

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False Allegations Database

2023 saw the world shocked by the actions of a woman named Eleanor Williams, whose intentionally false allegations of rape and sex trafficking sparked national protests against grooming gangs allegedly spearhead by groups within the Asian community. Her actions drove provably innocent men to suicide. False Allegations Database is a public collection of malicious allegations and allegations proven to be untrue.

The Inspiration

Eleanor Williams, 22, from Barrow-in-Furness beat herself with a hammer and posted pictures of her self-inflicted injuries on social media, claiming they were a result of a kidnapping by Asian men who forced her to attend sex parties. A ‘mountain’ of ‘indisputable’ evidence demonstrated her story was a lie.

Eleanor Williams inspired False Allegations Database
Eleanor Williams lies traumatised an entire town (Image: DM)

Williams would go on to also accuse 3 young white men of rape, and all of these were also proven to be false by indisputable evidence. Her victims attempted to commit suicide because of the false allegations and some were held on remand in prison. An excellent overview of the case is available on TheGuardian.

The rape fantasist was rightfully convicted of perverting the course of justice and handed an 8 and 1/2 year sentence. A global campaign, called Justice for Ellie surpassed 100,000 members and prompted rallies throughout the UK. It was incomprehensible that it was all a lie, but, nobody highlighted that there was no evidence that anybody accused had committed any crime.

Jolie Fortuna also inspired False Allegations Database
The mother of Fortunas victim-survivor says Fortuna took her home away (Image: OC)

In London, Jolie Fortuna, of Harlesden Road, Brent, NW10 3SD, found a stranger’s information online who she had never met, and released a social media post that went viral calling him a convicted sex offender. Fortuna placed his full legal name, image, home address – that he shared with his family – place of work, and his social media accounts within the post.

Fortuna also took images from pornographic websites – despite some being of a white male while her target was black – and placed this in the post, accusing him of being the man in the images.

A full overview of the case is available on The Evening Wiki.

Following these high-profile cases, hordes of people came forward to express facing malicious allegations and the impact it has had on their life, with some claiming they have been unable to recover.


False Allegations Database’s about section includes the following: “Our free open-source community-run False Allegations Database is run by a volunteer community based at Transparency, a group of rights reformers and revolutionaries. This database contains information on criminal sexual allegations that lead to acquittals and No Further Action, and those evidentially deemed malicious. Our volunteers ensure it is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible.”

The aim is to draw attention to failures within the Criminal Justice System that enable false allegations to disrupt the life of the accused and the progression of the case through the judicial system, despite a lack of evidence. It also aims to encourage social change around the attitudes towards sexual allegations that lack evidence.

How it works

Anybody can visit the website and make a submission via the online form. If it meets the website’s strict guidelines it will be listed.

False Allegation’s Database is available at

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