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Jewish men ‘attacked in drive-by shooting with paintball guns’ on two occasions

Attack against Jewish man

Two Jewish men were targeted in a random paintball shooting in Stamford Hill, north London, in an incident that follows a similar shooting in the same area against Jewish man only days earlier. Police are calling them ‘hate crimes’.

CCTV footage later recovered an appeal to the police, appears to show a male lean out of the back window of a silver car and take aim at the two Jewish men standing on a corner with a BB gun, at 2:15am on Sunday.

The men, believing the gun was real, flee for cover as the vehicle also flees from the scene at Hurstdene Gardens. A local neighbourhood watch group shared the footage on Twitter, criticising the police’s failure to timely act and that ‘outrage and fear’ were pervading through the local community.

In response, police have said suspects aged between 17 and 21 have denied their involvement in the hate crime at this time.

CCTV of the shooting at Jewish men
CCTV screenshot of the attack against the Jewish man //SHOMRIM

‘Gelballs’, utilised by BB guns – which are legal in the UK – where recovered from the scene. When shot at high-speed they inflict pain and in some cases injury.

The Metropolitan Police said: “Police were called to a report of men firing a BB gun out of a car window on Hurstdene Gardens, N15.

“Officers attended and found the suspect car blocked into the street. They spoke to the occupants, aged between 17 and 21, who denied the offences. A toy-gun, used to fire water pellets, was found in the vehicle.

Officers spoke to a large group of people who had gathered and took their accounts. A similar offence was also reported to have taken place in the same area the previous weekend. An investigation is ongoing.”

Hackney Neighbourhoods Superintendent Andy Port said: “This was clearly a distressing incident for those involved and it is being treated as a hate crime.

“Extra neighbourhood patrols are taking place in order to reassure those who live in the area and to prevent any similar offences. We continue to work hard to understand and confront hate criminality in all its wide manifestations.”

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