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Man spared prison immediately went home and beat girlfriend again

Jonathan Weaver

Just hours after being handed a suspended sentence for abusing his ex-girlfriend, a man returned home and attacked her.

Jonathan Weaver, 33, was convicted and sentenced to probation after waving a hammer at the woman, spitting in her face, hurling a brick through her window, breaking her car’s windscreen, and punching off her wing mirror.

Weaver, from Ebbw Vale in south Wales, had previously been convicted of domestic violence against three previous partners.

On October 6, Presiding Justice John Jones sentenced Weaver to a 16-week jail term suspended for 18 months so he could complete a ‘developing better relationships’ course at Newport Magistrates Court.

He did not put a restraining order in place because the victim did not request one.

Mr Jones warned him: ‘You need to be absolutely clear how close you went to custody today.

‘As acknowledged by your own solicitor, you are seen as a threat to women. Hopefully working with probation gets you off that path.’

Despite this, Weaver assaulted his victim again ‘within hours’ after being spared prison. When he punched her in the face, kicked her while she was on the ground, and destroyed her phone and glasses, he was inebriated.

Jonathan Weaver
He punched and kicked the woman before breaking her glasses and phone (Picture: Media Wales)

Weaver, of Mount Pleasant Road, admitted to causing criminal damage and assault by beating.

The court gave an immediate 26-week prison sentence and ordered Weaver to pay £725 in compensation to the victim this time. A two-year restraining order was also issued.

During his prior sentencing, the court heard that Weaver had a “history of more than a decade of violence against women” and that his most recent victim was “petrified” of him.

His 62 previous offences included attacks on two other ex-partners.

The latest victim had told police she had stayed in contact with Weaver ‘purely out of fear’, adding: ‘I am physically and mentally exhausted by this. When I first got with him I thought I could change his ways but obviously that is not the case.’

Weaver had been under police bail conditions prohibiting him from contacting the woman, but he disobeyed them when he showed up at her house in August and told her he loved her.

She let him in, but he committed a terrible series of offenses against her over the next few days.

His solicitor Lynda Rhead said in the previous sentencing: ‘The pre-sentence report says he is a risk to females. Jonathan knows that.

‘The report is suggesting there may not be any remorse, but the best argument I can ever put forward to show remorse is guilty pleas. He straight away said to me: “I’m pleading guilty”.

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