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Police officers ‘who used vulnerable sex workers’ still in job

Metropolitan Police use sex workers

Metropolitan Police officers are still on the job despite being accused of using sex workers. The two officers have received ‘reflective practice and management action’ as a result, it has been reported.

They have not been identified and will not have public hearings, reports LBC. The head of the anti-corruption and abuse command, Commander James Harman, said using sex workers ‘is highly likely to be exploiting a vulnerable person, or funding organised crime, or both’.

Over the past five years, six officers have been investigated over similar accusations of using sex workers. Four other officers resigned before their misconduct hearing, however, the Met said they’d have been sacked had they still been working.

Andrew Wallis, the CEO of anti-slavery charity Unseen UK, told LBC that it’s ‘not illegal to buy or sell sex’. But he conceded it was ‘questionable’ for serving officers as ‘they do not know whether that individual is there willingly, whether they are under the control of somebody else, or whether they are free to leave that situation’.

“It is questionable why anybody should purchase sex, let alone police officers”.

police using sex workers
Andrew Wallis, the CEO of anti-slavery charity Unseen UK questioned the ethics of police officers using sex workers as they could be victims of crime (Image: Getty)

Commander James Harman said: “The public trust that police officers – on and off duty – do everything they can to protect and defend vulnerable people at risk of exploitation, and to have no part in supporting the violent criminal network that we know often lie behind sex work.”

He added: “In most cases [the use of sex workers] will be treated as a serious breach of misconduct which if proven could lead to dismissal. We do recognise that this is a stronger approach than the Met has taken in the past.”

-Rafi Mauro-Benady

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