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‘Racist’ police officer called fellow officer ‘n****’ as ex-girlfriend began relationship with fellow officer

Thomas Phillips

A racist Metropolitan Police officer referred to a love rival as a ‘N-word pr***’ and a ‘mongrel’ when his ex-partner began a relationship with him.

In a series of offensive racist WhatsApp conversations written in 2021, Thomas Phillips, 34, claimed the fellow PC, of Mauritian descent, was ‘genetically drawn’ to his ex-girlfriend because she was ‘ginger with a nice arse’.

On July 27, disgraced ex-police officer Phillips of Simone Drive, Croydon, pleaded guilty to five counts of sending offensing texts between April 8 and May 8, 2021, at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

On Friday, August 25, he appeared in the same court and was sentenced to 71 days in jail and a two-year restraining order.

Prosecutor Louise Oakley said how Phillips, who worked at MPS Shirley South, and the woman in question were in a relationship from early 2017 and stayed together at his residence ‘quite fast’.

When discussing their troubled relationship, Ms Oakley said: “There were clearly issues with the consumption of alcohol where behaviours would change. And there’s suggestions the defendant became arrogant and behaviours that would belittle [the ex-girlfriend].”

She continued: “It’s clear at times [the arguments] were worse than others. There were clearly incidents of aggression and arrogance that were the background of this defendant and the deterioration of this relationship. Best summarised in cycles of arguments then normal then arguments then normal, with allegations of domestic abuse.”

The relationship ended, but the two continued to live together for several months, including during the ‘protracted and acrimonious sepatation’ when Phillips became suspicious of the ex-girlfriend’s contact with the other PC, according to the court. Then, between April and May 2021, he sent her five ‘grossly offensive’ communications, according to the court.

They included one on April 8, 2021, which said: “He’s Black, you’re ginger with a nice arse, he’s genetically drawn to you.” Then on April 20 he sent a photo with a bunch of roses and a poem labelling the other PC a ‘mongrel spade’, and another message calling him a ‘N-word pr***’, the court was told.

In another message Phillips wrote: “Have your white little afro babies with big flat noses. Your dad will love that haha.” On May 8, Phillips sent the final message: “In your house. He’s Black. Why wouldn’t he be a thief, he’s manipulative enough.”

The court heard how the texts were initially reported to police months later, and how Phillips was interrogated under caution on November 3, 2022. Phillips, on the other hand, denied sending the mails and made a variety of outlandish allegations. According to the court, he claimed that his ex-girlfriend created them, entered his WhatsApp Web account, doctored the screenshots, or that the other PC did it.

The ex-girlfriend claimed in her victim impact statement that she had been a victim of domestic abuse and had delayed reporting the texts for months due to fear of retaliation.

“From past experiences when I did challenge him it ended in being punched, kicked, slapped, and strangled until I could not breathe,” she alleged.

“Tom had previously threatened suicide multiple times to me and I believed he did this to try and control me,” she alleged. “I was scared he would use his job as a police officer to turn the blame on me… [I was scared] that I would feel the wrath of Tom physically, emotionally, and in my career.”

The ex-girlfriend expressed concern that others would not believe her since Tom was also a police officer, and that he would turn the charges against her and she would be “blamed for the entire thing.” She accused him of postponing his guilty plea in order to exert power over her, saying, “He’s been trying to get away with it for a very long time.”

Phillips laughed and shook his head as the Black PC read his victim impact statement, which detailed his white Asian background as the son of an Irish mother and a Mauritian father.

He said: “The word [N-word] sends a physical shock through my body. Reading this made me feel sick. I associate this word with the slave trade and believe it does not have any place in our society. The fact that a police officer would use this word makes me feel even worse. By using this word he has not only insulted my background but also those that he took an oath to protect. It has left me feeling disgusted.”

racist police officer
The racist officer attempted to counter press’ photography by donning concealing clothing (Image: Tim Merry)

On the slur ‘mongrel’, the Irish-Mauritian PC said: “This insult I take as a direct attack against my mother and father who I may add being from different backgrounds in the early 80s suffered great racial abuse.”

The PC then stated how hearing stories of racial abuse, such as his father being called the P-word and his mother being questioned, “What color will it be?” when she became pregnant, encouraged him to become a police officer.

“I am sick and tired of the racists that plague my capital and even more disgusted by the ones who plague the Metropolitan Police” he added.

He said he had hidden the abuse from his mum, and that his dad, who died in 2016, would “turn in his grave” if he knew about it. “That a serving police officer would use this phrase has really made me doubt the service I work for,” he added.

“[The word spade] again made me feel physically sick and has had a huge impact on my mental health,” he said. “Disgusting and abhorrent would best describe anyone who would use this word and has really left me shocked.”

“He’s Black, you’re ginger with a nice arse, he’s genetically drawn to it – I again just don’t know what to say about this phrase. It has left me in disbelief,” he said.

“This has left me well and truly scarred. The damage that these comments to to the service is unrepairable and gives good officers a bad name, it also makes our work harder when out there on the frontline.”

Judge Louisa Cieciora concluded Phillips had no realistic prospect of rehabilitation, citing a probation report that said Phillips harboured “core beliefs of racial hatred as well as misogyny”.

She added: “Your racial comments targeted not only obvious racial slurs but targeted appearance and stereotypes of criminality, it went far beyond lashing out at a broken relationship.”

Judge Cieciora also ordered a restraining order preventing Phillips from contacting his ex-girlfriend for two years. He will serve half his prison sentence on license.

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