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Rapist assaulted 4 different women leaving bars at night

  • Clement Omoregbee preyed on women at night
  • He would then rob them of their belongings

Clement Omoregbee

Clement Omoregbee, 37, of Charlton Lane, Greenwich, stood trial at Wood Green Crown Court for 5 weeks following 4 rape charges. He was found guilty and will be sentenced on September 29th 2023.

Clement Omoregbee, 37, targeted the victims as they returned home from Shoreditch pubs between February 2019 and December 2020. He would then rob them for their valuables and fraudulently use their bank cards.

The victims did not know one other, but when they told investigators what happened, they described a similar sequence of events, according to the Metropolitan Police.

In a complex investigation, Detectives investigating one of the assaults was able to identify Omoregbee after DNA was linked with two of the other incidents, leading to a manhunt that resulted in an arrest near his home address.

After the arrest, police then examined his lifestyle and personal devices which then led to the identification of the fourth victim. He refused to take part in any further interviews and was subsequently charged in December 2021.

During the trial proceedings, Omoregbee admitted to 6 counts of fraud for using his victims’ bank cards for purchases, and theft for stealing their valuables such as jewellery and mobile phones.

Detective Constable Steve Halfhide from the Complex Investigation Team said: “Clement Omoregbee is a vile predator who targeted lone women in the night time economy. He has no place in society and is a danger to women. Omoregbee’s violent and disturbing actions have had life-changing impacts on the women he attacked.”

“The victim-survivors have been incredibly strong throughout this lengthy process. I am pleased they have today seen justice. It was important to them all to help protect women of London from any further attacks by this man.”

“All of the victim-survivors suffered extreme memory loss which was not attributed to by any other factors. It was accepted by both prosecution and defence during the trial that there was a possibility it could be indicative of GHB/GBL being administered to them.”

“The investigation teams’ commitment to this case has been incredible, they have all worked incredibly hard and have really been behind this case from the beginning putting in hours and hours of work and overcoming many challenges.”

“I would urge anyone who has been a victim of rape or sexual assault to come forward and report what happened to police. We will support you and take you seriously.”

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