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“Sadiq Khan is not British” sees GB News face backlash

GB News face backlash for Sadiq Khan comment

GB News is facing a furious backlash and calls for an Ofcom investigation, after a guest on the channel claimed that the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is ‘not British’ amid a row over Islamophobia in the Conservative Party.

The right-wing channel was hosting a discussion on former Tory Deputy Chair Lee Anderson losing his whip after making disgraceful Islamophobic remarks about Khan. Anderson had told GB News last week that Islamists had “got control” of the mayor of London.

Anderson was later suspended by Sunak, however many Tories sought to defend him.

During a discussion on GB News on Anderson’s suspension, broadcaster Nana Akua, 52, failed to call out David Baum’s racist comment on the channel.

Baum said on GB News: “Sadiq Khan has kept quiet about every form of attack on the UK in the process leading up to this comment by Lee Anderson.

“If he was a genuinely decent person, then he would not allow what has been going on by anyone and then the first thing he does as soon as anyone calls him out, he calls them a racist.

“That’s the sign of a true racist. He is not British. He doesn’t support Britain.”

Commenting on a clip of Baum’s comments on social media, one user posted on X: “yeah

@Ofcom mate do you fancy doing something?”

Another social media user wrote: “Why is @Ofcom allowing a far-right, hate-peddling propaganda outlet call itself a news broadcaster?

“GB News is an affront to actual journalism and @Ofcom has failed as a regulator.”

-Basit Mahmood

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